Italian Viking
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Balustrade ____ Series of short circular posts with a rail on top.
Burin ____ Metal instrument with a sharp end trimmed to give a diamond-shaped cutting point. Used in making of engravings to cut lines into the metal plate .
Cartoon ____ Full-scale drawing used to transfer the outline of a design onto a surface, such as a wall, to be painted.
Cross-hatching ____ Technique in printmaking and drawing in which a set of parallel lines (hatching) is drawn across a previous set, but from a different angle. Gives density of tone.
Intaglio ____ Technique in which design is carved out of the surface of an object. Includes engraving, etching, and drypoint, all in which ink transfers to paper from incised, in-filled lines cut into a metal plate.
Intarsia ____ Decoration of wood surfaces with inlaid designs created of contrasting materials such as metal, shell and ivory.
Loggia ____ Covered open-air gallery, often a corridor between buildings or around a courtyard.
Picture Plane ____ Theoretical spatial plane corresponding with the actual surface of a painting (usually vertical)
Rustication ____ Rough, irregular, and unfinished effect deliberately given to the exterior facing of a stone edifice.
Sacristy ____ In a Christian church, the room in which the priest APOSTROPHE robes and sacred vessels are housed.
Stigmata ____ Marks resembling the wounds of Christ, said to appear on the bodies of certain holy persons.
Vanishing Point ____ In a perspective system, the point on the horizon at which orthoganals meet.
Volumetric ____ The concern for rendering the impression of three-dimension volumes in painting, usually achieved through modeling and the manipulation of light and shadow.
Woodcut ____ Type of print made by carving a design into a wooden block. It is then applied to the plate with a roller, and a print is made.