Italian Viking
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Abstract ____ Art that does not represent observable aspects of nature
Alignment ____ In prehistoric architecture, an arrangement of menhirs in straight rows
Bevel____ A cut made at any angle except a right angle
Cairn____ A pile of stones or earth and stones that served as a prehistorical burial site and a tomb-marker
Capstone ____ The final, top-most stone in a corbel arch or vault, which joins the sides and completes the structure.
Corbel ____ Early roofing and arching technique in which each course of stone projects inward and slightly beyond the previous layer until the uppermost stones meet
Course ____ Horizontal layer of stone used in building
Cromlech ____ In prehistoric architecture, a circular arrangement of menhirs
Dolmen ____ A prehistoric structure made of two or more large, often upright, stones, supporting a large, flat horizontal slab
Henge____ Circular area enclosed by stones or wood posts set up by Neolithic peoples.
High Relief____ Relief sculpture in which the projection of the image is pronounced
Incising ____ Design or inscription cut into a hard surface with a sharp instrument
Low Relief ____ Relief sculpture in which the projection of the image is subtle
Menhir ____ A megalithic stone block, placed by prehistoric peoples in an upright position
Modeling ____ In painting, the process of creating the illusion of 3-dimensionality on a 2-dimension surface by use of light and shade
Monolith ____ A single stone, often very large, set up as a focal point for rituals
Mortise-and-Tenon____ Method of joining two elements in which a projection on one element fits snugly into a hole designed for it on the other
Niello____ Inlay technique in which black alloy is rubbed into fine lines engraved into metal
Passage Grave____ A prehistoric tomb under a cairn, reached by a long, narrow slab-lined access passageway
Post-and-Lintel____ Construction technique with two or more vertical elements (posts) supporting a horizontal element (lintel)
Potsherd ____ Broken piece of ceramic-ware
Relative Dating____ Method of dating ancient artifacts by their relation to other objects, not to a historical moment
Relief Sculpture____ Sculpted image or design whose flat background surface is carved away to a certain depth, setting off the figure.
Sculpture-in-the-Round____ 3-dimensional sculpture carved free of any attaching background
Ware____ General term designating different pottery techniques, with different procedures achieving different decorative results