Italian Viking
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Chapter 19 - BAROQUE & ROCOCO
Apex ____ A peak or top point.
Architectural Interior ____ Subject in genre painting, particularly popular in Holland in the 17th century, depicting the interiors of churches and other important civic buildings.
Breakfast Piece ____ Painting depicting a still life of plates and food.
Camera Obscura ____ Early cameralike device used in the Renaissance for capturing images of nature.  Dark box with a hole in one side, it operates when bright light shines through the hole, casting an upside-down image of an object outside onto the inside wall of the box.  The image can then be traced.
Caravaggism ____ Style of painting based on the example of the Italian painter Caravaggio. (duh.)
Churrigeresque ____ Showy style of Baroque architecture and ornament.
Drypoint ____ Intaglio printmaking process by which a metal is directly inscribed by means of a pointed instrument (stylus).
Etching ____ Intaglio process in which a metal plate is coated with acid-resistant resin and then inscribed with a stylus to reveal the plate below.
Fete Galente ____ Subject in painting depicting well-dressed people at leisure in a park or country setting.
Flower Piece ____ Any painting with (are you ready for a surprise?) flowers as the primary subject.
Galleria ____ In secular architecture, a long room, usually above the ground floor in a private house or a public building, used for entertaining or exhibiting pictures.
Half-Timber Construction ____ Beginning with a timber framework, the builder would construct the walls between the timbers with bricks and mud.  The exterior could then be faced with plaster.
History Painting ____ A term used to denote paintings that include figures in any kind of HISTORICAL narrative.  History paintings generally convey a high moral or intellectual idea.  (... "high moral or intellectual ideas"? What period of history could they have possibly found for that?)
Memento Mori ____ From the Latin terms meaning "reminder of death" -- an object, such as a skull or extinguished candle, symbolizing the transience of life.
Pastel ____ Dry pigment, chalk and gum in stick form.
Tenebrism ____ The prevalent use of dark areas in a painting.  Uses strong chiaroscuro and artificial illuminated areas to create a dramatic contrast of dark and light.
Travertine ____ Mineral building material similar to limestone.
Vanitas ____ Image in which the objects symbolize the transience of life.
Wattle and Daub ____ Wall construction method combining upright branches, wove with twigs (wattles) and plastered or filled with clay or mud (daub).