Italian Viking
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Chapter 8 - ISLAMIC
Aniconic ____ Describes a representation without images of human figures, often found in Islamic cultures.
Arabesque ____ Type of linear surface decoration based on foliage and calligraphic forms, usually characterized by flowing line and swirling shapes.
Calligraphy ____ Art of highly ornamental handwriting.
Fritware ____ Type of pottery made from a mix of white clay, quartz and other chemicals that, when fired, produces a very brittle substance.
Iwan ____ Large vaulted chamber in a mosque, with a monumental, arched opening on one side.
Lusterware ____ Type of ceramic pottery decorated with glazes.
Madrasa ____ Islamic institute of higher learning, where teaching is focused on theology, law and the sciences.
Maqsura ____ Separate enclosure in a Muslim mosque near the mihrab, designated for dignitaries.
Mihrab ____ Recess or niche that distinguishes the qibla wall (which is oriented toward Mecca) in a mosque.
Minaret ____ Tall slender tower on the exterior of a mosque from which believers are called to prayer.
Minbar ____ High platform or pulpit in an Islamic mosque.
Mirador ____ In Islamic palace architecture, a room with windows and sometimes balconies on three sides, overlooking gardens and courtyards.
Mosque ____ Building for communal Muslim worship.
Muqarna ____ Geometric patterning used in Islamic architecture to smooth the transition between decorative flat and rounded surfaces, usually found on the vault of a dome.
Niche ____ Hollow or recess in a wall.
Ogival Arch ____ A pointed arch created by S curves.
Qibla ____ Mosque wall oriented toward Mecca, that includes the mihrab.
Tugra ____ Calligraphic imperial monograms used in Ottoman courts.